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Hello, I'm Anna!

This is my about page.

My journey so far

I self-taught myself programming in 2013, mostly because of the modding community in videogames. I started with Lua and batch files, then good old jQuery-based JavaScript and PHP (with HTML and CSS) with some MySQL.
I started my Computer Science Technician degree in 2015 (which I finished in 2017), where I learned C, C# and Java, as well as JSP, Windows Forms and two flavors of SQL (Postgres and SQL Server). During this degree, I also self-taught myself C++, Groovy and Kotlin.
After that, I then started my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science in 2018, where I had a lot of reinforcement in everything I had learned before, as well as a newfound love for System Engineering and DevOps, as well as Compilers and Programming Languages. I never managed to finish this degree, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as getting a job in the industry, where I strove to learn as much as I could, and apply my knowledge to real-world problems.
I worked from Dec 2020 to Jun 2023 in Tokenlab, where I applied as an intern, actually started as a Junior Software Developer, and climbed my way up to a Mid Software Developer. I worked with a lot of different technologies, such as AWS, Docker, AppSync, NestJS, GraphQL, Grails, Spring, Angular and TypeScript, just to name a few. I also developed a lot of soft skills, such as teamwork, communication, and both self-management and leadership. I delivered a lot of value to the company, and I'm very proud of my work there.
During my time there, I got to freelance a bit in the frontend side of things. I self-taught myself React, NextJS and Svelte, the latter of which I'm using to build this website. I developed some public and private websites for clients, and received a lot of praise for my work.
Lastly, the reason I left Tokenlab was to pursue the continuation of my degree and furthering my education. My desire to learn got me into a Computer Science degree Douglas College, in British Columbia, Canada.


Self-taught myself a lot of programming languages and technologies, which I reinforced in my degree and in the industry, where I worked for 3 years. I am now in pursuit of furthering my education, as well as my career.

Tech Soup

Below, you can find pretty much everything I've worked with, in no particular order.
Feel free to test my knowledge on any of these, I'm always up for a challenge.

Programming Languages

JavaScript TypeScript Java(7 to modern) Kotlin Groovy Lua(5.1-5.2) C C# C++ SQL HTML CSS Sass

Frameworks and Libraries

React NextJS Angular NestJS Grails SpringBoot Bootstrap Materialize MaterialUI Bulma CreateReactApp

Tools and Technologies

AWS Docker Docker-Compose GraphQL Git GitHub GitLab Bitbucket Gradle(Groovy & Kotlin) NPM Yarn(1 & 2) Webpack RESTful JSP JSON WinForms VPS(Linux) PostgreSQL DNS HTTPS LetsEncrypt CloudFlare Redis ZeroMQ

AWS Services

Lambda S3 CloudFront CloudFormation IAM Cognito AppSync APIGateway Route53 SES SQS SNS RDS Aurora CodeBuild CodePipeline